JS 160 Film Preset Pack

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A lightroom preset pack designed to give your digital photographs the pleasing film photography aesthetics.



This Preset Pack has exquisite color rendition, fine grain structure which on the highlights is almost invisible, and overall a timeless elegance! Its characteristics include rich, natural skin tones with no evident tint, vibrant yet true-to-life colors, and a subtle softness that adds a dreamlike quality to each photograph.
Just like the film, this presets do an amzing job for portraits, but they can be used for landcapes as well as indoor photography with good natural lighting.

Out of these two photos, one was shot on the Film, and the other one was edited using this preset pack.

The pack includes 3 Presets that can turn your digital photos into small pieces of film-like art!

When creating this pack, I became aware of how the real film rendered images differently, depending on the weather conditions.
That’s why I created 2 separate presets: “JS 160 Overcast” and “JS 160 Direct Sun”. The 3rd Preset was my very first draft of the preset, which doesn’t look as similar to the Film as the other ones, but it has it’s own unique style which I really liked and I’m sure you will too, so think of it as a small bonus.
Made for those who want to combine the film aesthectics with the advantages of digital cameras!

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